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About Rideout Mining® Down Under

Heavy Machinery Training and Recruitment

Rideout Mining® Down Under is an authorised trainer and assessor with TAE40110A accreditation.

Peter Rideout, owner and operator of Rideout Mining® Down Under has been in the mining industry for a considerable length of time. His wealth of knowledge helps to make the dump truck driver training courses he runs a success. He has first hand experience in working in mines within Australia. This knowledge and background allows him to offer courses in heavy machinery including haul/dump truck training with a particular emphasis on the requirements that would be expected in the mining industry.

The mine machinery operation and training courses he runs are a huge and welcome success.

The following shows the areas in the mining industry where Peter has gained his vast experience:

About the owner

Peter Rideout

Peter is an open-cut and underground experienced coal/iron ore/gold/mine trained and accredited TAE40110A Trainer and Assessor.