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Do you need a ticket
to operate the following machines?

Haul/Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Excavator,
Front-End Loader, Grader, Bobcat, Backhoe


It is mandatory by law to be licensed and accredited to operate machinery. If you operate machinery unlicensed you will not be covered by insurance and there are very serious consequences
if you injure or kill someone.

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RIIMP0311A - Conduct Haul Truck Operations with Rideout Mining who offer Mine Specific Training


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Terms and Conditions


We do not promise jobs.
We are not an employer. We can however, assist with employment referral.

Peter Rideout from Rideout Mining® Down Under does have an agreement with Major Training for them to contract to Rideout Mining® Down Under.


Once a telephone booking has been phoned in and accepted by Rideout Mining and Student Identification details have been posted, faxed or emailed to Rideout Mining Down Under, this constitutes a legal, verbal, contractual booking agreement and cannot be revoked.

Also, once enrolment forms and assessment paper work is filled out by students, this locks them into their participation and no further negative communication will be accepted.


Once a specific course for a specific machine has been booked, either by telephone or email, an invoice will be sent. Monies must be paid prior to course commencement upon receipt of an invoice from Rideout Mining Down Under.

We can accept genuine phone booking confirmations from companies making bookings for their students. Once a phone booking has been accepted by Rideout Mining Down Under, you are responsible for payments for any students you have made a booking for.

Additional Costs

Additional costs may arise due to mine site criteria requirements e.g.

Refund/Re-schedule Policy

Once a deposit has been made or the course paid in full, no refund is permitted. You must complete the course. If for whatever reason, you are not able to attend a training course, you will be able to re-schedule the training course within 3 months.

Specific Conditions

Once a specific course or specific machine is booked and paid for by whatever means e.g. cheque, credit card, EFT or cash payment, that particular course for that particular machine e.g dump truck/dozer/excavator, must commence. No changing machine or wanting to participate in another course is allowed.

If natural elements e.g. rain, hail or snow or any dangerous situation arises, it is our safety policy that comes into force regarding date of course change/cancellation.

Drug and Alcholol Zero Tolerance

Peter Rideout reserves the right to refuse course participants who present themselves to a course under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He has every legal right to protect his business and its safe operation regarding a zero drugs and alcohol policy.

Students who are suspected of being under the influence or suffering the after affects of drugs or alcohol, will not be allowed on machinery. If a student exhibits behaviour conducive to a lack of sleep, they also will be refused to operate a machine.

Any student who has been refused access to operate a machine, will be allowed to continue their course, once they present in a better frame of health, both physically and mentally.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

You are required to acknowledge that you have read these Terms and Condition upon presentation at your course and upon signing, will be bound by these Terms and Conditions.